Sunday, May 01, 2011

All Moved In!

Yes, we are now in our new house. We feel like we've just taken the biggest breath of fresh air since moving in. We are in a newer, cleaner home much like our home in Denver. The views are beautiful and the voices of the neighborhood kids laughing and playing make us feel like we are in the right place. Yes, it has been quite busy since we closed on the house a little over two weeks ago but we have made great progress in unpacking and organizing our home. Much credit goes to my parents who arrived on Good Friday. We were lucky enough to have them spend Easter with us as well as spend the whole week with us afterwards. My dad was our own little handyman and helped put up decorations, unpack, build shelves, caulk our shower stall, you name it, he did it! My mom, on the other hand, relieved me of all my kitchen duties by cooking all week! It was so nice to not have to worry about what was for dinner that night and I was able to run many errands to Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target (much to those store's delight).
There are a few more boxes to unpack but we are now just taking it slow and taking it one step at a time. My main concern was the kitchen and I really could not sleep well knowing that it was utter chaos. It is now all set up so I can relax a little easier.
In other news, Mike was recently recruited to be the head coach of Alex's soccer team. Yes, our own Mike who has no soccer experience whatsoever has taken on the task to herd 2-4 year olds every Saturday morning for the next 8 weeks! He is excellent with kids so I have no doubt that he will succeed in this new adventure :) Alex is gradually learning soccer skills and how to work with a team. He does tire easily and isn't too keen about actually "fighting" for the ball. He is excellent when it comes to drills though :)
My mom took a million of pictures during their stay so here they are!

Blowing bubbles with Grandpa!

Our little fish during his swim lesson

Don't quite know what this pose is about

He got the "Hustle" medal during soccer!

Eva and Grandpa

My girl with flowers in her hair :)

Someone's getting tired!

Go Alex!

Coach Mike talking to his players

Dinner at Jak's Grill

Ready to go out for dinner!
Yep, that's me huge as can be
Playground fun!
Alex is apparently a bunny rabbit of some sort


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