Monday, March 08, 2010

We're here!

Yes, we have safely arrived in Seattle. I cannot believe that within a few short months, our lives dramatically changed. It seems like it was just seconds ago that we were living our life in Denver, going through the motions and routines we were so very used to. Mike going to work, taking care of the kids, working on my business, fantasizing about purchasing our forever house. We never thought that in less than six months, we would pack up all of our belongings, put our house up for rent, and move to Seattle. If someone had told me that, I would have said they were crazy! But alas, we are here and I truly believe in God's will and guidance. I am excited to see what opportunities and adventures lies ahead!
As for now, we are staying in temporary housing which is basically a fully furnished apartment. Although it is small compared to our house, it is a marked improvement from the tiny hotel room we were staying in. Now it's time to start searching for rental homes so we can move-in by the end of the month.
We are also now official landlords! We found renters after only a week or so after the house became available for rent! So we spruced the house up and left it in impecable shape (almost better than when we moved in!) We are excited about this new endeavor and hope it works out!
Will try to update frequently and post more pictures of our new life in Seattle!